Woman Gives Birth To Daughter. 6 Weeks Later, Doctor Says There Are 2 More Babies Inside Her


    Although modern medicine and research can tell us how the body works during various stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, there are still old wives’ tales passed down to us from our mothers and grandmothers that we will believe.

    New mom Eliza Curby believed one of these theories: if a woman was breastfeeding, she couldn’t get pregnant.

    Of course, many of us know this is not true, but Eliza was so convinced, she and her partner didn’t use contraception in the weeks after she gave birth to their daughter.

    So, it came as a great shock to both of them when, just 6 weeks after the birth, Eliza’s doctor told her she was pregnant — with twins! The new parents were reportedly quite nervous and even terrified of the unexpected pregnancy, but fear was soon replaced by excitement. Eliza and her partner may have a full home, but it’s also full of love!

    Eliza Curby and her partner, Ben, welcomed their daughter, Charlie, in January 2016.

    The pair believed in the old wives’ tale that breastfeeding moms can’t get pregnant, and they didn’t use contraception in the weeks following the baby’s birth.

    Soon after, Eliza woke up with a pounding headache and immediately knew that, somehow, she was pregnant again. It took four pregnancy tests before one came back positive.

    The couple saw their doctor, who confirmed that they were expecting yet again. Amazingly, there wasn’t just one baby on the way, but two! Identical twin boys would be born in just 9 short months.

    The new parents were reportedly terrified and nervous, but embraced the prospect of having a full home.

    In the span of one year, she gave birth to three babies, which is quite the feat!

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