Why You Should Try To Do Simple Rituals Everyday

Why You Should Try To Do Simple Rituals Everyday


To many, the word “ritual” comes saddled with a whole host of negative connotations. We think about structure, routine, repetition, and in some cases even satanic cults doing things best classified as disturbing.

To help prevent those thought patterns from arising and to consider the term in a new light, let’s instead look at rituals as something you are incorporating into your daily life for a particular reason. That doesn’t sound quite as intimidating now, does it?

Rituals can actually be quite powerful. In my own experience, I’ve found that they are the best way to truly adopt a new habit and ensure that it actually sticks. A ritual can be something as consuming as dedicating an hour of every day to private meditation, or it can be as simple as opting to make yourself a healthy smoothie every morning before work. Whether big or small, we all have changes we’d like to make in our lives, and what better way to actually incorporate that change than to make it into a ritual?

In our most recent episode of our new YouTube series These Guys, Joe and I discuss why we think rituals are a powerful tool and how they have helped to transform both of our lives. Check it out:

Key Takeaways To Consider:

  • Re-define how you look at rituals. Remove all negative connotations and realize that they can be both simple and helpful in adopting new desired habits.
  • What differentiates a routine from a ritual is that within a ritual you bring in an awareness/ mindfulness to what you are doing and what it feels like to be doing it.
  • Nature is a great living example of operating in unison/ ritualistic manner.
  • Don’t see adopting rituals as adopting a limiting box to your existence. They can be altered and dropped at any given time.
  • Rituals can be big or small, and no matter their size they can help develop an inner confidence within you in your ability to adapt and accomplish things in life.
  • The lives of many people who reject rituals can often be very limiting, repetitive, and unfocused.
  • We all have busy lives; rituals help to ensure we make time for what matters rather than letting it get lost amidst the craziness we call daily life.