Stunning Footage Captures Bizarre UFO In The Skies of China


    Chinese locals were left awestruck after a bizarre rectangular shape appeared in the night sky, sparking speculations about UFOs and paranormal phenomena.

    Captured in Jinan, China, the footage shows an unknown object or lighting, with some on social media describing it as a “flying carpet” or “door of heaven.”

    Indeed, behind the dark rectangular shape is an outline of pearly white light, suggesting there was some object in the foreground with what was presumably the sun behind it.

    The video was filmed on August 13 within the Shandong province in East China.

    On social media, people speculated endlessly about what they saw, with theories ranging from the paranormal to unidentified flying objects.

    The popular Chinese networking site Weibo exhibits some of the public’s intrigued conclusions:

    “The door of heaven is open,” exclaimed one commenter, while another said, “above is a flying carpet.”

    Others, however, seemed to have more…down-to-earth explanations, “It looks like a mobile phone!”

    Despite all the speculations, though, local reports suggest the apparition may have been caused by a spotlight projecting onto the cloudy sky.

    Watch the UFO Video Here:

    UFO sightings seems to be occurring at a more frequent pace in recent years as technology advances to provide nearly everyone with a camera in the palm of their hands.

    Earlier this year, we reported on a bizarre sighting in New Zealand.

    The mysterious orange two-tailed blaze can be seen gliding through the sky, looking as if it is descending and changing direction slightly:

    According to one group of speculators:

    “I’m looking at it and whatever this is – if this is some pilot doing some kind of erratic manoeuvre – he’s doing something he shouldn’t be doing in the sky.

    “What is the reason behind this? This could be some sort of extra-terrestrial craft – a massive one – doing some out of this world kind of manoeuvres over New Zealand.

    “Or this is some kind of conventional aircraft doing dangerous manoeuvres.”