Step inside this bus. It’s been converted into a cozy home with a particularly charming kitchen

    charming kitchen

    Tiny homes have become all the rage lately, in large part due to their functionality and portability.

    But what if you took an old-school bus and applied the same principle? An Illinois couple did just that, with incredible results.

    Luke and Rachel Davis, high school sweethearts from Oswego, Illinois, were fed up with the daily grind and monotony that had taken over their lives. Determined to make a change, they purchased an old school bus with the idea of making it their permanent home.

    With the allure of freedom and the open road drawing the Davis’ in, they began their biggest construction project.

    They started a website to share their progress of the “skoolie” progress and dubbed their first post “I swear we’re not crazy!”

    In the opening post, the Davis’ wrote about their desire to break free from the materialistic bonds that controlled them, seeking a freer, more liberated lifestyle.

    “We want to be free from our belongings,” the opening post from the Davis’ reads. “We realized by purging ourselves of all these unnecessary possessions and habits we will have more time for the things we truly value: God, family, our marriage, freedom, and adventure.”

    With the bus purchased, the project began. They shared their progress via an Instagram account called “Midwest Wanderers,” and the former student transport vehicle slowly took on the semblance of a home.

    When the Davis’ had finished, they posted their spectacular results on their Instagram, drawing “oohs” and “ahhs” from around the internet.

    Working with the long, cylindrical structure of the school bus, the Davis’ were able to fit in a beautiful bedroom on one end, a rustic-inspired functional kitchen and workspace in the middle, and a bathroom on the end.

    It looks like a motorhome done right; there’s plenty of natural light to fill the space, helping one feel more at home. The Davis’ also opted for hardwood flooring to give the bus a more homey appearance, as well as allowing the air-conditioning system to work a little more efficiently.

    And now with their home ready to go wherever they go, the Davis’ have begun a journey around the country, meeting new people and seeing things they weren’t sure they would.

    “If you had all the time in the world would you rather spend it cutting your lawn, cleaning out the crawl space, painting the shed?” the couple posed on their website. “Or would you rather spend it seeing new places, meeting interesting people, and exploring the world that God created for us, all while spending every second of it with the ones you love!?”

    A valid question, for sure. While living in a school bus might not be the ideal version of luxury, it’s provided the Davis’ a level of freedom and simplicity that means a lot more than a few nice things.

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