Losing weight is not an easy thing, especially for overweight or obese people. But, you shouldn’t be disappointed – there are many natural ways of losing a lot of weight in just a few months. You just need to stay focused and consisted, and you should reach your goal shortly.

Although experts consider losing only a pound or two as healthy, there is a way to lose more than 3 pounds a week without harming your health. The method we’re presenting below contains nice steps which will help you lose weight without any adverse side-effects. Here are the lifestyle and diet changes you need to make in order to start losing weight in a healthy manner:

Eating right

Step #1

Before going any further, you need to understand that you need to put yourself on a healthy diet. This means including whole grains and high quality foods in your diet and avoiding unhealthy things such as fast food, processed food and artificial sugars and additives.

Step #2

Overeating is bad for you, no matter if your meal is healthy or not. Eat smaller portions and make sure that 50% of your plate consists of veggies. Add ½ a cup of whole grains in your daily diet as well as 3 oz. of lean protein for best results.

Step #3

Healthy fats are a must if you want to lose weight. These fats will make you feel full for longer and won’t harm the process of losing weight. All you need to do is add a teaspoon of flaxseeds or coconut oil to your shakes or smoothies. Avocados contain a lot of healthy fast as well, so you might include them in your diet as well.

Step #4

Alcohol, 100% pure fruit juices and soft drinks are a big no-no – if you want to be fit, you must completely forget about them.

Step #5

A healthy diet won’t burn fat on its own. In order to accelerate your metabolism and lose weight, you’ll need to start exercising as well. We suggest burning 500 calories per session for best results.

Step #6

Focus on cardio exercises first. Start with a low intensity program, then gradually increase the duration and intensity. Try walking for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week for starters, then gradually increase the duration until you reach an hour of walking. Swimming and cycling are great cardio exercises as well.

Step #7

Once you master fitness, you need to start HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT involves short bursts of physical training followed by slower tempo exercising. The program offers incredible results and will do your health good.

Step #8

After HIIT, you can start with some resistance training to build up your muscles. Consult a fitness trainer for the best results. If you don’t want to go to the gym, do some muscle exercises at home every couple of days. Pushups, squats, triceps dips and crunches are some great examples of good resistance training exercises.

Step #9

STAY PHYSICALLY ACTIVE! This is the most important thing to consider when trying to lose weight. Sitting in the office or in your home every day won’t help your figure or health, so get up from that chair and start moving around!