Mother Cow Freaks Out When She Is FINALLY Reunited With Baby (Video)


    The maternal instinct of a cow is similar to that of humans. If separated from their young, mother cows will cry for days.

    The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary witnessed this first-hand after they rescued a cow named Karma.

    What they didn’t know, however, is that Karma recently had a baby. They discovered the previous owners had sold Karma’s baby, Mr. Rojas. He was destined to be Christmas dinner. Karma relentlessly cried, and did so, her new owners realized, because she missed her baby.

    The Gentle Barn tracked down Mr. Rojas. And you can watch the beautiful moment they reunite him with his mother in the video below.

    And as soon as Mr. Rojas emerges from the trailer, his mother calls to him with a powerful, heart-wrenching moo. Her baby is so stressed and hungry that he collapses at his mother’s feet before he at last stands up to nurse.

    According to Little Things, Karma had a second son eight months after her reunion with Mr. Rojas. Karma and her boys will live together at The Gentle Barn for the rest of their lives.

    Watch the emotional reunion between mother cow Karma and her son, Mr. Rojas:


    Little Things