Man Comes Home To Find Something Strange Hanging From Ceiling (Video)


    Unless you are a huge fan of snakes, this story is guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

    Homeowner Mark Hyatt found a disturbing surprise when he arrived from work — two wiggling creatures dangling from the ceiling.

    And the creatures in question hissed at him!

    “Went in the house, take my suit coat off, take my tie off, go to the kitchen get a glass of wine,” Hyatt said. “As I walked to the back through the hallway, just right in front of me were these two huge snakes, intertwined, wiggling their heads around, looking at me and I was a bit in shock.”

    Hyatt says he was ultimately able to use a broom to swat one of the black snakes down.

    “I was successful at swatting one of them down and getting one of them out the door.”

    While Hyatt was able to get one snake out of his house, the other still remains in his attic.

    “The other is lost in the house somewhere,” he said. “Anyone want to come for a sleep over at my place tonight?”

    Most would presumably pass on that offer!

    Watch the creepy footage of the snakes in Hyatt’s house:


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