Leaked Area 51 Footage Reveals Alien Aircraft, According To Ufologists

    Area 51

    Stunning new viral footage has emerged showing what some claim is a highly-advanced UFO spacecraft flying inside Area 51—the infamously secretive government site believed to be hiding alien technology. (scroll down for video)

    The video was released by SecureTeam10, an organization which releases UFO-related content on their massive YouTube channel with over 890,000 subscribers.

    Viewers can see a strange object floating in the air, shifting around until suddenly flying away as it emits a bizarre light:

    “It’s one of the mysterious pieces in UFOlogy,” said Tyler Glockner, the head of SecureTeam10, adding that the footage is a “hidden gem.”

    Believed to be filmed in the 1980’s or 90’s, the craft hovers around, moving in unique patterns from left to right, until eventually emitting a bright light—extremely uncharacteristic behavior, especially considering the technology available three or four decades ago.

    Area 51 has been the source of endless conspiracy theories, allegations that it houses a U.S. government military base in the mountains of Nevada.

    Behind the ominous warning signs about trespassing, and the claims of armed guards patrolling its perimeter, some UFOlogists believe the facility is used for housing, studying, and advancing secret alien technology.

    “What we do know,” says Tyler, “is that it is a legitimate piece of footage that shows what can only be described as a non-conventional aircraft, does not look like a plane or anything I’ve ever seen before.”

    You Can Watch The Stunning UFO Video Below:

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