The GOLO Diet – How To lose Weight With It

The GOLO Diet – How To lose Weight With It


What actually makes up GOLO is a team of pharmacists, doctors and a management team, which are all a crucial part of the GOLO Company.

They have developed a weight loss program called: the GOLO rescue plan in order to provide a permanent weight loss solution to all those who are struggling with obesity. There was even a necessity for such a plan, as the chilling fact is that almost 7 out of 10 Americans belong either in the overweight or obese category. Now that’s a lot… If this were to continue, there would be an emotional and economic crisis and society, and the toll would fall on the families.

What makes this diet so unique, you might ask yourself. The thing that would make both the diet and the GOLO team so unique is that they have spent more than 7 years developing the weight loss program, and have therefore perfected it and made it work for all individuals, helping them lose weight, get empowered and stay focused.

About the GOLO rescue plan

The GOLO rescue plan is a multi-component weight loss plan, which helps people take the weight off effectively, and most important of all-safely. The main components to the plan are:

  • The release supplement
  • The metabolic fuel matrix
  • Support tools

Today we’ll try to explain all of them individually and give you a better picture on how the diet plan works.

The promise

You need to have strong motivation, and be dedicated in order to succeed, and be sure that you will. GOLO will change your eating and cooking habits, and your lifestyle in general. It will help you live a longer and more productive life, and will make you feel better about yourself. It promises to get you on the straight and narrow. The plan will also help you realize what the consequences of your bad eating habits are, and will make you change them for the better. It will improve your health and will help you lose the extra weight, and help you get into your favorite dress that was a few sizes too small.

Who is it for?

Before we delve a bit deeper into the characteristics of the weight loss program, we’d like to explain a bit more on who would be qualified for this plan, and who the plan is aimed at. We have heard of the astonishing 300,000 people who have already given this plan a try and had seen magnificent results, but now let’s see if you can join those 300,000 and be one of the success stories of the GOLO plan.

The secret to weight loss, according to the GOLO experts isn’t in counting calories, but in managing your insulin. So if you have a slow metabolism, are overweight or obese, and have a tendency to gain weight easily, you are more than suitable for this plan. If you do have all of this problems, or some, it’s likely that your body is producing way too much insulin. What this actually does to your body is it stops the process of burning fat, and starts storing it, making you gain weight easily. This phenomenon is especially present as we get older, because the body starts producing more insulin, on account of it not being as effective and sensitive as it used to be. The extra insulin that the body produces ends up stored as belly fat.

GOLO is the perfect plan for people who’ve simply had enough of their unhealthy way of life, and said enough is enough! I want to get healthy, and I want to have a chance at a better and healthier life!

Why is insulin so important?

Insulin’s purpose is actually to transport all of the glucose, and glucose is in fact the food that we eat but only converted to be used for energy. The glucose is actually either used to supply the body with the energy it needs (and is stored in the organs and muscles), or is stored as fat. What actually causes a buildup of glucose and insulin is eating excess food, as well as eating the wrong, unhealthy kind of food.

You need to have good insulin performance in order to stay healthy, if not you may develop a condition known as insulin resistance, which can eventually turn into pre-diabetes, or type two diabetes.

What’s the connection between insulin and weight loss?

The main connection there between insulin and weight loss is that if you do have a buildup of insulin in your body that stops the enzyme lipase from doing what it’s meant to be doing which is releasing fat. This enzyme’s job is to open the fat receptors so that the body can start using stored fat. In staid of using up the stored fat, you start to lose healthy muscle tissue. Which means that your metabolism slows down and in staid of losing fat, you’re losing muscle, which nobody wants.

Healthy levels of insulin play a huge role in aiding the body to release the stored fat.

The statement that you can be simply born with a slow metabolism isn’t true. What’s true is that genetics may have an influence to some extent, but what actually makes a metabolism fast is when you maintain healthy insulin levels and a good hormone balance, which can be done mainly by eating regular, balanced and healthy meals.

About insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a silent condition that may affect anyone. It’s a pathological condition in which your cells aren’t able to respond to the insulin in a normal way. It’s a precursor to many other problems, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and should not be taken lightly.

Insulin and your metabolism

The problem with many diets is that they do not take the most important hormone for controlling weight loss into account. Many people may suggest crash-dieting, many fad or restrictive diets as a good way to lose weight, but they would be wrong. Many of those diets may cause the insulin levels to spike, and the excess insulin to be stored as fat. If your body is healthy the insulin levels should always be balanced with the amount of glucose you have. If you have normal insulin levels, the fats that you put in will be used as energy in the first two hours after you’ve eaten. If you have a higher than normal level of insulin then the most likely thing to happen will be to store the excess insulin in the fat cells. If your levels of insulin are constantly high then your body’s fat burning process will slow way down. If you do have problems with obesity, or are overweight you will benefit a lot from the GOLO insulin sensitivity diet, and hopefully you will be able to avoid any future complications to your health.

Managing your insulin levels

The key thing to do with any diet is to be able to manage your insulin levels, and not let them get out of hand. If you go on a diet that pays no attention to this, then you should expect it to result in muscle loss, a slower metabolism and weight gain as soon as you’re done with the diet. Diets that tend to eliminate whole groups of foods tend to result in highs and lows of sugar, and slow down the fat burning process even when you have a drastic calorie restriction. They often result in hunger, fatigue, sweet cravings and are very difficult to maintain, which is why most people quit half way through.

GOLO introduces a Release supplement and a Metabolic Fuel Matrix to help you avoid spikes in glucose and insulin levels, which in turn stops the body from storing all that fat while also helping you maintain your energy throughout the day.

Key facts about the diet

GOLO is intended and was made to help people in their weight loss process and give them advice on how to stay healthy. It’s a diet plan that helps you optimize your levels of insulin and sees insulin regulation as one of the key factors for weight loss.

GOLO comes with a 30 day Rescue plan, and focuses on a few main points: your insulin levels, healthy eating habits, food control and helps provide you with a lifestyle plan. It has been worked on the plan for seven years, before developing the perfect solution on losing weigh in a natural and healthy manner.

The GOLO plan starts off with a 30 day plan, called the Rescue Plan, which costs $39.95, and has literature and a kick start program included in the package. The diet’s moto is all about adopting a new way of life- “the GOLO lifestyle”.

The plan provides you with tips and advise on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and gives you the unbelievable opportunity of a lifetime, as it helps you survive all challenges that might come and prepares you for them. Once you try the diet, it will become your life, which will never happen with any other diet, as they all seem to become monotonous after a while. GOLO helps you reach your perfect weight, gives you self-esteem and allows you to have a healthier and happier life.

Now that we’ve gotten more familiarized with the whole concept, let’s go a bit more into details. We’ll start by explaining all three parts of the GOLO plan, which we mentioned right in the beginning of this article.

The Release supplements

The supplements contain 7 ingredient which are plant based and 3 minerals. All are natural and their efficacy as well as their safety have been confirmed by many studies. The supplements are patented and were made by the same doctors and pharmacist that invented the GOLO plan itself.

The release supplements are here to give you a good metabolic support, while the body heals itself from the metabolic damage it has sustained through years of bad dieting. The supplements’ job is also to make you feel better while you’re making your dietary and lifestyle changes. Release will help you kick start the weight loss process and will give you visible results.

The ingredients that make up Release are all natural and safe to take, and are mainly ingredients that help optimize your glucose and insulin levels, and provide a hormone balance.

Be careful and consult your doctor if you do take other medications for diabetes, as taking them together may lower your blood sugar levels drastically. He may need to alter your dosage or make some adjustments if needed.

You don’t have to worry about any side effect of Release, as it has been tested many times, and so have its ingredients. Caution should only be taken if you are taking anti-diabetes medication, as we already mentioned.

The dosage is 1 supplement during or after a meal, but it can be adjusted in accordance with how much weight you want to lose.

The supplements are safe to be used as much as you’d like, or need to use them, although most people choose to take them somewhere between 3 or 6 months, or simply as long as they feel the need to.

Now that we’ve gotten a better picture on what the Release supplements are all about let’s see what the Metabolic Fuel Matrix is.

The Metabolic Fuel Matrix

And so we have finally arrived to the meal plan, in this case it’s called Metabolic Fuel Matrix. It’s a plan that works well with the Release supplements. The Metabolic Fuel Matrix lets you eat more food than any other diet, but still helps you lose a ton of weight. You will be allowed to eat between 1300 to 1800 calories a day and you will experience the following benefits:

  • You won’t feel hungry.
  • You will have proper nutrition.
  • Your insulin levels will be constant.
  • Your cravings will be reduced.
  • You’ll learn how to eat and plan your meals properly.
  • You’ll have the skills to maintain your weight even after you reach your weight loss goals.

What’s also good about the Metabolic Fuel Matrix is that is made to fit everyone’s needs. The plan helps you learn how to organize your meals and pick the right amount of food you need to eat. When your body is fed properly and with the right combinations of food, your body will start shredding fat, and start to release the stored one.

The meal plan is based on foods like: eggs, meats, fruits and vegetables, grains, pasta, rice and butter, which makes it all the more better and easier to follow it even when you’re at work or you’re dining out.

They have a special part where they teach you how to pre-prepare a lot of your meals so you don’t have to spend all that time cooking and preparing each meal. You will learn how to cut down on cooking and have more time for your other daily activities.

The studies conducted

The GOLO research team conducted several studies to test the efficacy of the diet plan, the dietary modifications it included, the supplements and the exercise that would be needed. The trials were conducted in the United States and South Africa and they lasted 5 whole years, providing many different results.

The team of developers and their mission

The team’s mission even from the start was to help people get more informed and involved into their lives and make them care a bit more about their health. The team of developers aimed at finding a natural and safe way of losing weight. Their mission was to reach out to and help as many people as they can, and they were very successful at that. The plan has been successful at developing both a dietary and a wellness program to help people become happier and healthier.

The developers of the diet are all professional pharmacists and doctors, who are at the top of their field. They were focused on and determined to make the best diet plan out there, a plan like no other, and they are happy to see and be a part of the change that happened as people started to live by GOLO and experienced a tremendous change.

In sum

Use the GOLO diet to pave your way to a better and healthier life, and maybe you too will be one of its 300,000 success stories, and will join those people in making a happier and healthier life for yourselves. The most important thing with this diet is that it will never leave you hungry, or in a bad mood. The process will be enjoyable throughout, and you will have the chance to witness unbelievable changes happening to your body and your soul. You will feel good about yourself once more and you’ll want to share your happiness with the world. So if you do want to talk about the diet, or your experience in general feel free to do so here, as we can always use one more success story and one more person that will inspire many more people to come.