Dad Asks Sons How To Listen To A Cassette Tape & The Response Is Hilarious!

    cassette tape

    If you ask a kid under the age of ten what a cassette tape is, would they know the answer? Chances are they wouldn’t, or if they did know, they couldn’t tell you how to use it. Imagine a 7-year-old having to fast-forward and rewind a tape in order to hear their favorite song on “repeat”! Never mind the frustration of having the ribbon come unfurled or having your player eat it! …Followed by the long process of re-spooling with a pencil!

    In the video below, you can see three kids showing their dad their best guesses as how to use a cassette tape.

    And the results are hilarious! First, the oldest kid, when asked how to use the tape, he presses the cassette to his head.

    “I’m just getting rattles,” he later says, referring to the sound the cassette makes when he shakes it.

    And the younger boy next to him asserts, “you didn’t have any TV’s back then.” In this case, “back then” refers to the 1980’s! Towards the end of the video, the two boys think they’ve finally figured out the mystery of the cassette tape. The older boy announces that you “plug it into the TV” and watch it through what he insinuates are eye holes!

    Most kids these days allegedly listen to their music through YouTube, iTunes, or some other streaming or downloaded format. Some of them even reportedly still use the compact disc. It would seem that most of them would at least know what a CD is, as that particular piece of technology is not yet outdated. But cassette tapes? That’s another story!

    Watch the uproarious exchange between this dad and his children on how a cassette tape works!