Can you believe a woman delivered 11 babies at once?


    They say, there is a supermom somewhere in India, who gave birth to 11 babies! Moreover, people say the babies were born on a very special day of November 11th, 2011. Just think about it: 11/11/11.

    Let’s talk the truth now, one woman really delivered babies on that day, but not 11, as some “sources” claim. She gave birth to the six babies from the picture, the other five were just lucky to be born on 11/11/11.

    Though, there are no official statements to confirm or deny the birth of 11 newborns. But if we are talking facts. Such pregnancy is possible but involves many different medical difficulties.

    For example, in 1971, a woman was carrying 15 babies! And she delivered them not all at once, but with the help of c-sections. Unfortunately, all of the babies died. But in 1998 a woman delivered 8 babies!

    So what do you think, is it possible for a woman to deliver 11 babies?