Only 5% Of People Can Find The Hidden Person In These Pandas. Can You?


    Sometimes, our brains trick us into seeing stuff that isn’t there and sometimes they make it impossible to see what is right in front of our faces. Only 5% of adults can see what is hiding in all the images below because they are so well disguised. Are you part of the 5%?

    Can you locate all of the pandas in the images below? As pandas are solitary creatures, you will only find one hidden panda per image, except for the last image, which is a surprise level! But for now, start out with level one, and see if you’re able to spot the hidden panda:

    Level One: See if you can find the location of the hidden panda!

    Were you able to find the panda? If not, have no fear! Here is the solution:

    Do you see it now? Alright, are you ready for level two? See if you can spot the panda in this image:

    Well, how did you do? Did you find the panda this time? If not, here is the solution:

    Okay, friends! It’s time for level three, which is a surprise level! Your task this time is to locate the hidden HUMAN in the pandas!

    Find the human in this image:

    This one is the trickiest! Were you successful in finding the human? No? That’s alright–not many are able to successfully complete this round.

    Here is the solution:

    Still don’t see it? Look at the top of the green circle in the solution image. The human’s head is slightly right and down from that location. From there, you can follow the outline of the man from his head to his feet. He certainly knows how to blend in well with his surroundings! Maybe the pandas won’t figure out that there is an impostor among them!

    Well, how did you do?  Did you find the pandas? Be sure to share this with your friends to see how they fare!