11 Hand Alignments to Improve Your Health – Mudra Therapy

11 Hand Alignments to Improve Your Health – Mudra Therapy

Mudra Therapy

What if someone told you that your health is nowhere else but in your hands. Yes, that might mean in a way that you have control over your health, but you need to know more.

There is more to our hands that we are aware of, they have the virtues of wellness.

The thumb and the remaining 4 fingers actually represent the “Panchamahabhootas” i.e. the 5 main building blocks of which in fact the universe is made Earth, Sky (Ether), Water, Air, and Fire.

The natural sciences report that the disease is actually a limitation that happens in the continuity and balance of the 5 elements.

Mudra Therapy and Its Philosophy

The Mudra therapy and its natural sciences believe that the 5 fingers are akin to the 5 basic elements Earth, Ether, Water, Air and Fire.

#1 The small Finger represents the water (Jala)

#2 The ring finger represents the earth (Prithvi)

#3 Middle finger represents the ether (Aakasha)

#4 The index finger represents the air (Vayu)

#5 The thumb represents the fire (Agni)

And also you can bring back the actual balance in the 5 elements. There are specific methods of aligning and touching the fingers with one another.

These methods are known as “Hast-Mudras.” You can practice the therapy anytime as relief from the malady, and it can serve you as a tool to restore your wellness.

Mudra Hand Alignments and Holistic Health

  • Prithvi Mudra is for energy, peace of mind, etc.
  • Akash Mudra is for or ear problems
  • Vayu Mudra is for stomach problems, joint pains, etc.
  • Dhyan Mudra is for issues related to the mind,  concentration power and depression.
  • Surya Mudra is for cholesterol, obesity, etc.
  • Hridya Mudra is for respiration-related diseases, heart disease, and asthma.
  • Prana Mudra is to charge the parts of your body, nervous problems, and eye problems.
  • Jala Mudra is for skin diseases and blood purification.

Different Types Of Mudras

1. Shunaya Mudra

You can try this in case you have ear pain or if you suffer from gum diseases. You will need to use your thumb and your middle finger.

Put the middle finger at the base of your thumb. Use your thumb and to make a little pressure on the middle finger.

2. Gyana Mudra

This alignment is very easy; you need to join the tip of your index finger to the tip of your thumb. This can help increase the brainpower of concentration and memory.

This alignment is recommended to be performed during meditation because this Mudra therapy actually provides a calming and soothing effect to the mind.

This alignment can provide relief to those that suffer from mental ailments such as stress, depression, loss of sleep and anxiety.

Furthermore, try this alignment if you are someone that during everyday circumstances loses temper easily and in case you become irritable and angry soon.

You can try it and feel the difference.

3. Hridya Mudra

This mudra therapy was made for patients that have problems with the heart. Patients with palpitations and high blood pressure may have good results after they do this therapy.

You will need to use your thumb and your index finger. Place the index finger and keep it steady at the root of your thumb.

Then you need to touch the tip of your thumb to the ring finger and middle finger together.

Keep your little finger straight.

4. Dhyana Mudra

This is a simple mudra therapy. Overlap the right hand with the left one in your lap and stay steady.

This alignment can help to soothe your nerves. You can do this on a regular basis to fight everyday stress, strain and you can also practice it for meditation.

5. Linga Mudra

This is good for people that have respiratory diseases, in particular with increased secretions and phlegm.

This alignment is recommended for people that have raised “Kapha” in the body system and also for asthmatic patients.

Grasp the finger of your both hands together, and  keep 1 thumb upright.

6. Varuna Mudra

In this alignment, you need to touch the tip of the thumb to the one of the little finger. Bear in mind that the little finger actually represents the element of water.

And that is why this mudra is useful in case of dehydration. It works as a natural purifier of the blood, and it is good for problems with dry skin.

7. Apana Mudra

You can practice this in case you have a problem with abdominal wind. In order to do this alignment you need to touch the tip of the thumb to the tips of each ring finger and middle finger.

You need to hold the small finger and the index finger upright.

8. Surya Mudra

You can practice this alignment in case you want to fight obesity and heaviness, especially if you have problems with your waistline.

This alignment is easy and simple to perform. You need to use your ring finger and fix it in the root of your thumb and press your thumb over it.

9. Prana Mudra

This mudra therapy was made to attain immune power and stay away from mind and body disease.

In addition, it transmits glowing complexion to your skin because it has blood-purifying properties.

This is also good for people who suffer from eye ailments.

This alignment is simple, join the tip of your thumb with the tip of the ring finger and the little finger. You need to keep the remaining 2 fingers straight.

10. Aayu Mudra

The Aayu Mudra is known as the alignment “Painkiller” when it comes to the hand. Put your index finger to the root of your thumb and use your thumb to press it.

The cause of pain in your body is the Vatta i.e. Air, and with this alignment is being suppressed by the fire, and that is why there is a reduction.

This alignment is actually recommended for people that have pain in their joints.

11. Prithvi Mudra

The Mudra can also help you if you want to attain fullness and gain few pounds.

The alignment is easy, on a daily basis you need to touch the tip of your ring finger with the tip of your thumb and stay like that for a while.